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Nengi Omuku is a visual artist who lives and works in Lagos. She completed both her BA and MA at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College, London. Omuku creates ethereal scenes of figures in constant flux, interacting with one another and the landscape around them. Inspired by both archival and current images taken from the Nigerian press and media, she creates worlds in which the distinction between bodies and nature is often blurred, reflecting on the intricacies around navigating place and belonging. Nengi Omuku has won scholarships and awards, including the British Council CHOGM art award presented by Queen Elizabeth II. She has also shown her work across the world, with shows in Lagos, London, Berlin, New York, Paris, Geneva, and Cambridge.

Omuku spent 20 weeks at K-AiR in 2022. During her residency, she developed a new body of work for her solo exhibition at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London. Her time at K-AiR was a constant source of aspiration and attests to elements of the natural word featured in the new body of work. “The decision to participate in the Kòbọmọjẹ́ Artist Residency was because of the access to nature, being able to look at horizon uninterrupted. My first job after art school was as a horticulturist and florist under the tutelage of my mother. At Kòbọmọjẹ́ I have the 360 view of nature, I can take walks and revel in the beauty of the surrounding plants and this is translating directly into the paintings. Although I had the experience as a horticulturist, I have never added elements of nature and plants in my work until now. There is now an emphasis on landscape accompanying the bodies.”, says Nengi Omuku

As part of her residency with K-AiR, Omuku further conducted extensive research on the traditional fabric, Sanyan, which she employs as her canvas. She traveled to Iseyin in Oyo state to meet families who own the historic fabric and she also visited Oje market in Ibadan to source for Sanyan.

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