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Tobiloba Akibo has a first degree in Architecture from Covenant University, Ogun State, and a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Lagos. She has extensive experience in private residential landscaping and garden design. She is committed to landscape ecology and conservation, with specific interest in exploring historic landscape preservation and the evolution of landscape architecture styles within open spaces in post-colonial Nigeria. A registered member of the Society of Landscape Architects in Nigeria, she currently practices in Abuja, Nigeria.

Tobilola Akibo spent 4 weeks at K-AiR. Her work during her time time at K-AiR involved exploring cultural heritage and the architectural landscape of the Kòbọmọjẹ́ court. To do so, she conducted research and archived the landscape elements of the court as well as documented the various plant species in the place. In doing so, Akibo presented Kòbọmọjẹ́ court as a case study of historic site preservation and interrogated the landscape architecture of pre-colonial Nigeria.

Of her project, she said, “My project is a re-imagination of life at Kòbọmọjẹ́ court at its prime, while adapting the landscaping style to the current trends in contemporary landscaping. I will be exploring the significance of Suliat Adedeji as a historic person, focusing and interpreting her values, vision, and philosophy as a lover of peace and justice, her belief in not sacrificing competency for ethnicity and her respect for traditional institutions.

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