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Ugochukwu Emebiriodo is a Lagos-based curator and photographer who is best known for making images that capture the beauty of everyday people and the breadth of landscapes in Africa. Ugochukwu approaches photography as a medium to articulate the inner workings of his mind and to critically reflect on everything that takes place around us. Harnessing his interest in storytelling and living a nomadic life, Ugochukwu uses the camera to document his personal perspectives and the times we live in. His work is divided between commissioned assignments and self assigned long-term photographic documentation.

Ugochukwu Emebiriodo spent 4 weeks at K-AiR.  During his residency, Emebiriodo explored the use of public spaces from a social and spiritual perspective. Of his project, he said,  “I hope to expand my ongoing projects on the Mogajis of Ibadan and further develop a second project titled Gbangba. Gbangba is a Yoruba word that loosely translates to outside or public. It can also refer to the traditional square that was the gathering ground of the community… This project examines the use of public spaces from a variety of religious/spiritual practices in Nigeria and Ghana.”

This led Ugochukwu Emebiriodo to document the Yemoja festival and the Beere community in Ibadan, while at K-AiR.

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